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Long Beach CA real estate is a dynamic urban area with coastal living along its winding beaches. Centrally located in Southern California, Long Beach sits between Los Angeles Country and Orange County. With easy access to the Los Angeles basin or Orange Country, it's prime location to raise a family. Long Beach CA is a city that reflects the past, present and future.

The City of Long Beach is the 36th Largest city in the United States and the seventh largest in California. Long Beach is second busiest container port and one of the world's largest shipping ports. 

Downtown Long Beach is located approximately 22 miles (35 km) south of Downtown of Los Angeles, though the two cities border each other for several miles on Long Beach's southwestern portion. Long Beach borders Orange County on its southeast edge.



Residential Real Estate in Long Beach

Long Beach is 22 miles south of Downtown Los Angeles. Owning Long Beach real estate offers prospective residents some of the most attractive opportunities to live and work anywhere in Southern California.

The areas within the City of Long Beach offer it's residents a diverse selection of outdoor attractions, recreational and family activities all year round. 

Long Beach's Port is the United States' second busiest container port. Known as one of the world's largest shipping ports. The oil industry is deeply rooted in the City with wells located both underground and offshore. Long Beach's manufacturing sectors include those in aircraft, car parts, electronic and audiovisual equipment, and home furnishings.

According to ABC 7, EYEWINTESS NEWS, Long Beach has seen a large reduction in crime trends. Here is the most recent article published online by Jory Rand.


New statistics show a major drop in Long Beach's crime rate.

"When you're talking about a reduction in crime rate, the lowest in 42 years, you're really talking about a true team effort," said Long Beach Police Chief Robert Luna. 

That 42-year low statistic is for violent crimes, which are down 3.2 percent over 2013 and down nearly 18 percent over the last 5 years.

Twenty-three people died in homicides in 2014 -- the lowest number since 1969, police said.

Property crimes were generally down, with residential burglaries falling 9.7 percent, auto burglaries down 7.6 percent, arsons down 36.5 percent, auto theft down 13.3 percent.

"Long Beach is safer today than it's ever been in its history," said Mayor Robert Garci

Let's face it when you buy residential real estate the structure and floor plan count but, what we're really talking about when buying is the lifestyle here! That means you need information on the lifestyle that Long Beach and its surrounding local areas offer.  Here are some terrific area facts to give you a glimpse of the lifestyle offered in the Long Beach.

Why raise a family in Long Beach? Long Beach schools are known as world class schools- An international study lists LBUSD among five of the world’s highest performing school systems.

The Global Education Study is a publication of the national nonprofit Battelle for Kids organization. LBUSD also is one of the world’s top 20 school systems — and one of the top three in the U.S. — in terms of sustained and significant improvements, according to a report described as the most comprehensive analysis of global school system reform ever assembled.

The study was conducted by McKinsey & Company, a trusted advisor and counselor to many of the most influential businesses and institutions in the world. McKinsey serves more than 70 percent of Fortune magazine’s most admired companies.

Nearly three quarters of the city's dwellings are owner-occupied, and about one percent of these properties are on the market, as are, of course, many newly constructed residences. Whether the buyer wants a long-term residence or a stylish home to occupy for a few years and then resell, this is one of the best areas in Los Angeles County to look for residential real estate bargains.

Existing Homes

The average local residence is from the 1920, much older than those in other parts of the county. About half of the city's residential buildings have been constructed since 1980. While the value of properties in the Long Beach have withstood the fluctuations of the housing market better than those in most of California, they are still markedly less expensive than comparable listings in nearby communities.

Tasteful luxury single-family dwellings to condominiums to upscale luxury homes, the possibilities are endless. Lenders know that Long Beach real estate represents a prime opportunity, and are ready to work with buyers to put in place the best possible mortgage for any situation.

The styles of local residential construction are those common in the upper end of the market, from Southwestern to French or Italian Country to distinctively eclectic facades like no other. Floor plans can be open for family living or divided for privacy, and high end features are the norm rather than the exception. Whatever the situation of a particular household, knowledgeable real estate professionals in the area will know of a selection of homes to cater to their needs and desires.

Home buyers from single householders to families with children to retirees will all find something of interest in Long Beach, Whether its on Naples Island, The Peninsula, or in Belmont Shore, Belmont Heights, Belmont Park or North Long Beach. 


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